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It’s incredible how difficult it can be some days to do what you love. It can be more than overwhelming when your motivation just doesn’t line up with your goals, and it seems like you’re spinning your wheels without ever really moving anywhere.

I love to write. I’ve been writing stories and poetry since childhood, and for me, it’s one of the best ways to express myself in a healthy way. So then, how come, so frequently, an idea for a piece comes to mind, and I feel my body… just…freeze.

Fear has an annoying and powerfully consistent way of showing up when you need it. Mastin Kipp, the author of @TheDailyLove speaks about fear as a guide,

“Unless you’re in mortal danger, fear is a compass showing you where to go.”

I’ve come to know that this can be incredibly accurate.


There is a time for comfort, and there is a time for movement and progress; we aren’t likely to get out of our comfort zone if something doesn’t come along and give us a good bitchslap once in awhile. Think about some of the greatest moments of your life, your first kisses, the job interview that landed you the position of your dreams, the event you were SO nervous to attend, where you met your new best friend. Imagine if you’d listened to that fear, and held back?

One of my favourite big thinkers, Sheryl Sandberg, believes:

“We hold ourselves back in ways both big and small, by lacking self-confidence, by not raising our hands, and by pulling back when we should be leaning in.”

I’m guilty of building myself a bubble, a safe group of friends, a safe job in retail, and a routine that left me feeling predictable and far from satisfied. It took more moments than I like to admit to realize for me, and maybe you too, that my fear of uncertainty was keeping me stuck.

It’s amazing how we can become so comfortable in a life we don’t enjoy, that we make every excuse to keep it.

Next time your creative passion comes up with an idea that drops straight from your heart to your gut, don’t dismiss it. Don’t let all the excuses popping up sway you, don’t listen to the voice that tells you what you have to offer is silly, or of no value. It’s so easy to fall into the trap of: “If it scares you, it must be bad for you.” and to use that as an excuse to remain exactly where you are. Life is movement, and by nature, change is scary. Use your uncertainty as a guide, pointing you in the direction of your life’s next BIG moment.

Your life has equipped you with a million experiences, feelings and beliefs that allow you to connect with other people, and you never know your effect on others. Let your passion and courage carry you, and trust that you are safe, you are loved, and you’ve got this.


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