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Whole Perspective Health DIY Castille Handsoap


  • Castille soap, your favourite scent
  • Filtered water
  • Essential oils, whatever you have on hand, or my personal favourites: lemon/grapefruit, or peppermint


Rinse out an old soap dispenser, or use a mason jar/pump attachment and fill 3/4 full with castille soap. Fill the rest of the container with filtered water, and add your favourite essential oils (10-20 drops combined). I love buying citrus castille soap, and adding about 15 drops of grapefruit essential oil, it’s so vibrant and really wakes you up in the mornings! It can also help to remind you of warmer days during these cold months! This recipe is so open to amounts and scents – you can customize it however you’d like! Rose handsoap? Lavender? Cedarwood? Why not?

My boyfriend will advocate that this soap works INCREDIBLY well. It manages to scrub off the worst grease/gunk that he manages to get all over his hands at work. It may be a bit more “liquidy” than you’re used to, but I promise it packs a punch.

Making your own natural recipes is not only a great way to save money over the long-term, but allows you to avoid some of the nastier chemicals that can end up in your home hygiene/beauty products. Using these soaps can help towards various skin conditions as well, I’ve found that the eczema that seems to creep up on me during the winter can be harsh, and my skin absolutely LOVES this soap compared to the industrial/commercial versions!

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