A Little Bit About MeAmanda Sutton

Hey there! I’m Amanda, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ and Reiki Practitioner based out of North Bay, Ontario, and owner of Whole Perspective Health. I’m passionate about the many aspects of healthy living, and how they can come together to help unique individuals rediscover themselves and enjoy fulfilling lives.

I discovered the importance of food, of how intensely what you choose to put in and on your body can affect your body and mind, very young. My parents discovered that even as a young girl, there were quite a few foods that I didn’t tolerate well, and I was always complaining of a stomachache. The symptoms worsened with puberty and the stress of high school, and by university I had to take some time off to get myself “healthy again”. I turned to doctors and specialists, and took dozens of prescription medications, endured countless tests, and still found no answers. The most miraculous part of this suffering, as much as I couldn’t see it as clearly at the time, were the people who felt a connection with my illness, and shared their own experiences and frustration. It felt incredible to not be “alone” – to have people who understood the fear of feeling ill, but having no diagnosis in which to lay some comfort and direction. But at the same time, it inspired a deep frustration within me: why are so many people feeling this way?

I discovered that I could directly affect my energy levels, mood, digestion and more by choosing to eat whole, nutrient-dense foods and avoid processed and chemically laden options. I began making smoothies daily and juicing, making homemade meals with simple ingredients, and discovered both meditation and yoga. I moved to Vancouver Island and spoke with dozens of people who had found both spiritual and physical energy through various methods, whether it was through music, a favourite sport or travel. I knew I wanted to study healthy living, but had a hard time settling on just one discipline.

“I discovered that I could directly affect my energy levels, mood, digestion and more…”

When I discovered the Natural Nutrition program at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, I knew the diversity and holistic scope of the courses was ideal – we learned about everything from biochemistry to the mind/body/spirit connection within us. I graduated with the designation of Registered Holistic Nutritionist™ in 2015. Along the way, I also completed my B.A. in Psychology at Nipissing University in 2013, and achieved my second level as a Reiki Practitioner at the Heart & Soul Training & Reiki Studio in Sudbury, Ontario, in 2012.

These days, if I’m not in the kitchen trying out new recipes and or learning food photography, I’ve my nose in a book, or am wandering around in nature somewhere. I enjoy tea, my kitten Miette, campfires, painting and writing; I’ve been fortunate to live in British Columbia, all over Ontario, and even France.

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